Easy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

October 31st, 2014

easy roasted pumpkin seeds, seeds in cupcake liners on white plate with seeds scattered

Pumpkin seeds are one of those seasonal snack traditions that only happen once a year for us so of course we saved all of those pumpkin seeds so that we could make a tasty snack to enjoy after we finished all the hard work of carving our pumpkins this week. Easy roasted pumpkin seeds are a great snack and so simple to make.

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DIY Outdoor Chalkboard Door

October 30th, 2014

DIY outdoor chalkboard door house door with glass painted with chalkboard paint

My big project this summer was repainting the outside of our house and as a final finishing touch I added a DIY outdoor chalkboard door. This door on our house is not a usable door, it leads into our living room and has not been used for many years so Brittany came up with the idea to paint the glass with chalkboard paint.

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Doctor Who and Pumpkins too

October 29th, 2014

doctor who and pumpkins too weeping angel pumpkin and tardis pumpkin lit up at night p.s don't blink

This was our week to carve pumpkins and once we got them home we had to teach Aliceana a little about pumpkins, she sat down with a pumpkin in front of her on the table and said “I eat it”, then opened her mouth as wide as possible. So we laughed a lot and then explained that we were going to decorate them and not eat them!

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Levana Stella Video Monitor (+ how you can win one of your own!)

October 29th, 2014

I got a chance to review the Levana Stella Video Monitor for this sponsored post, and boy am I excited to share this awesome video monitor with you. If you read to the end of the post you’ll also see how you can win one yourself! As a tech loving parent I’m excited to show you Levana, a brand that features high tech and very stylish baby video monitors.

The Levana Stella Video Monitor 2 Camera Set impressed me straight out of the box. The handheld monitor screen is nice and big, featuring a 4.3 inch screen. The cameras are sleek and high tech in appearance, I personally think they resemble droids or little robots. I think our daughter is going to like it too because she gets excited when she sees the security cameras inside those black tubes at certain stores. She can see them moving and says, “there it goes, did you see it” over and over again until we say yes we saw it.

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Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

October 28th, 2014

Last week we took a trip to our local orchard and picked our own pumpkins. It was a little chilly, but so much fun. Aliceana has been watching Spookly the Pumpkin* on a near daily basis, so she was extra excited to head to the pumpkin patch. This was our first time visiting a pumpkin patch and picking our own pumpkins as a family of 3, so it was extra exciting.

*If you’re unfamiliar with Spookly the Pumpkin, it’s a Disney Junior movie all about a square pumpkin in a pumpkin patch. As I’m writing this, it happens to be playing right now, so naturally we’re watching it for the 7th time.

Our orchard is definitely catered towards families and they have a ton of fun activities for the little ones. Since this was our second visit this year and it was pretty cold, we just quickly fed the cute goats, and checked out the big cows. Then we got a wagon and headed to the pumpkin patch.

pumpkin patch

Once we were in the middle of the pumpkin patch Aliceana started to have so much fun. After awhile I let her take the lead. I actually filmed a quick minute long video of her leading the way and she has been hijacking my phone and watching it non-stop ever since. I promise it’s not nearly as interesting as she thinks, she waited until after I stopped filming to pick out her pumpkin, of course.
She was doing a great job of stepping over the vines and weeds to get through to the best pumpkins. She also had to stop and declare every pumpkin that was even a little bit square to be just like Spookly.

pumpkin patch with dad

Look at how cute these two are together, I’m pretty sure she’s going to be as tall as him someday, or at least close to as tall as he is. She will most definitely tower over me since she’s already over half of my height at age 2.

We had so much fun this year, and I know that we’ll be making this a new Fall tradition. It’s the little moments where we get to spend as a family like this, that I know we’ll never forget.

pumpkin patch wagon

The Geek and the Beast

October 27th, 2014

side by side

In the last couple weeks this site has been changing, like that guy on the right with the beard over there. If you’re not familiar yet, that’s my husband AJ. AJ and I have been blogging separately, but we decided it was time to join forces. This means we’ll be able to feature more recipes, more DIY projects, and a whole new perspective on our life as a family. If you want my real opinion, I’m 110% sure that AJ is a better writer and storyteller than I am. If you really want to know the truth, I think he’s better in the kitchen than I am too. He’s got some great recipes up his sleeve including the recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies you will ever taste ever, seriously everyone, even my grandma asks for his recipe (and maybe if you’re nice he’ll share his secret here some day.) Enough of what I think, you hear me talk all the time on here, I think it’s time for AJ, the new beard and beast behind the blog to introduce himself.

I am the new beard here at The Domestic Geek Blog, wait, the only beard here, I meant new face but my face is my beard and my beard is my face, if that makes any sense. I was running my own site called The Domestic Beast Blog but now I will be a contributor  for The Domestic Geek. Together we are the GEEK and the BEAST, Brittany and AJ, and we are going to keep bringing you all of the great content you have come to love from The Domestic Geek with some really awesome content added from my perspective on top of that, it’s two blogs for the clicks of one, how is that for a great deal! Here is a preview of the things I am going to bring to the site: Beer, Grilling, lots of dessert recipes, DIY projects, parenting from dad’s perspective, outdoor family fun, dogs and dog training, just to name a few things. I hope you really enjoy this new content and please feel free to comment or drop me an email I always love to hear from readers.

We will also be joining forces on our social media accounts, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Crystal Light Low Calorie Drinks

October 23rd, 2014

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone #PlatinumPoints #CollectiveBias

Crystal Light low calorie drinks on the go

Sometimes good ol’ H20 doesn’t cut it and you need to indulge in a few low calorie drinks. Staying hydrated is important when you’re busy, and I find that it’s much easier to stay hydrated if you have delicious drinks by your side. We just came in from playing outside in the leaves, and we were definitely thirsty. We decided to try out our new Crystal Light drinks.

Crystal LIght on the go packaging #shop

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Wooden Plank Bottle Opener

October 21st, 2014

Wooden plank bottle opener hanging on fence post

This wooden plank bottle opener is a project that I have wanted to do since I saw a very expensive version of it at Crate and Barrel and realized that I had most of the parts for it at home already. This was a really simple project and a great way to learn how to finish and stain wood.

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Shark Tank Sweepstakes

October 20th, 2014

This is a sponsored post on behalf of U.S. Cellular, all words and thoughts are my own.

Honestly, I’ve never watched the show Shark Tank. Yep, I know, it’s like I’ve been living under a rock. Everyone I know always talks about the latest Shark Tank episodes to me like it’s common knowledge. I love the premise of the show. As a business owner myself I love that Shark Tank can transform an entrepreneurs life. My mom was actually just telling me about an episode where a 13 year old’s idea was turned into a business. I can’t even fathom having a great business idea at the age of 13!


If you’re like the rest of my friends and family, and you’re Shark Tank obsessed, which I’m sure you are. You’ll be happy to know that  U.S. Cellular® has partnered with ABC’s “Shark Tank” and created “Shark Tank Meets Main Street,” a strategic collaboration with ABC’s “Shark Tank” that harnesses the credibility and reach of this popular and award-winning show, to support small businesses in the U.S. Cellular footprint and beyond. U.S. Cellular® even sponsored three casting calls. Including one in my own backyard of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
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Channeling My Inner Geek

October 20th, 2014

Last week was one of the toughest weeks to get through, both emotionally and physically. I feel like I can finally say the worst is officially over. I already shared that I used the power of comedy on Netflix to help me get through this time. What really helped me though was channeling my inner geek.

First off, I had the impulse purchase of a brand new PlayStation 4, complete with an additional controller (in pretty blue) and a copy of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. So we’ve spent almost every night of the last week staying up late-ish and playing a whole lot of Diablo. It’s been a lot of fun to get play an RPG along with AJ (he’s a small, but powerful wizard and I’m a huge Amazonian type barbarian, that looks half naked even when I have tons of armor on.) It’s nice to mindlessly defeat bad guys in a game to keep your mind off of things.


We’ve also been keeping up with our favorite shows, we’ve been keeping up with the current season of Doctor Who. We’re seriously loving Capaldi as the newest doctor. The Walking Dead premiered at the best time possible as well, it’s so nice to have the walker-slaying-crew back together again. Letting your mind wander to the Whoniverse or zombie apocalypse even for an hour helps quite a bit.

Of course I’ve been reading my favorite geeky websites and following my favorite famous geeks online. Wil Wheaton keeps updating on the progress of Tabletop season 3, and so of course I’ve already purchased one of the games that is going to be featured on the upcoming season. It’s called Geek Out! and it’s a ridiculously challenging and incredibly fun to play. It’s basically a geeky trivia game, the categories are Games, Comics, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and random geek knowledge. In the picture below you’ll see some sample questions. Read the rest of this entry »



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