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What you can expect from, Dragons: Race to the Edge on Netflix

I got to screen the first two episodes of Dragons: Race to the Edge at Dreamworks Animation, as part of the Netflix stream team, all opinions and words are my own. …and I can’t wait to rewatch those two episodes, and then commence the family binge watch. Every week we have pizza (or homemade Chinese…

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Dreamworks Color Dragons coloring sheet

Dreamworks COLOR to celebrate Dragons: Race to the Edge

I first saw the Dreamworks COLOR on a sponsored press trip, but honestly, this app is amazing and the second I saw it I couldn’t wait to go home and test it out with my daughter. All words and opinions are my own! Don’t you just love coloring? There’s something so simple, and so enjoyable…

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rampage board

Rampage – A Devastatingly Awesome Board Game Review

The ground shakes as you stomp your way through the city, buildings quake and crumble as the masses run screaming. You are a giant beast who is really upset and just wants to destroy everything around you, this is your Rampage! Rampage is a dexterity game where you assume the role of a giant Godzilla…

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